Field Representative

Theresa became a member of Local 261 when she began her career in October of 1997 as a laborer at the San Francisco Department of Public Works. She began serving in the public sector first as Union Shop Steward in 2004, eventually being appointed by Oscar De La Torre as Chief Steward in 2007. She served as Co-Chair of the politically potent Local 261 Public Employee City Committee (2006-2009,) receiving both an appointment to the Open Space Task Force by Mayor Gavin Newsom in 2008, and extraordinary public recognition (along with her colleagues,) at the San Francisco Board of Supervisors (initiated by Michela Alioto,) in 2009.

Theresa, a skilled organizer and negotiator with dozens of Arbitrations behind her, was appointed again by Mayor Newsom in September 2009 to the MOU position of “Liaison of Government Affairs” and was assigned to Local 261. Eventually, she was appointed by Business Manager Ramon Hernandez to the position of Field Representative, becoming the first female Business Agent in Northern California for LIUNA.

“I enjoy fighting for workers’ rights, better hours, wages, and working conditions for my Brothers and Sisters. Helping members during trying times, and especially winning!”